About me

I am Tom Cunliffe, retired I.T. specialist, spending his time with wife and family on the South Coast of England. After forty years of marriage, my wife Margaret and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding anniversary in 2016.  We have two children and five grand-children (the youngest, Jesse, shown below).

You probably arrived at this page from clicking on a link in my Instagram or Facebook profile.  You therefore know already that painting is my biggest leisure activity. I specialise in sketching in sketch-books rather than producing finished paintings ready for framing. I am a member of my local art club and take part in sketching walks when the opportunity arises.

You can read about the background to some of my paintings by going to the home page of this website.

Click to see my Instagram painting and drawing collection @tom_cunliffe_art

Click to see my Instagram photo collection @tom_cunliffe_photos

I have a YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/southcoastsounds/

If you would like to read about my art materials and my palette of paints please have a look at the My Materials page.  

I am a practicing Christian and a member of my local Baptist Church and before that was a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers) having been an active member of Guildford Quaker Meeting for several years. I have written an article about how my faith-journey started here.  I write occasional book reviews and am an admirer of the German writer (now deceased), W G Sebald.  My review of his great book Austerlitz can be found here.