About me

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Tom Cunliffe

I am Tom Cunliffe, retired I.T. specialist, spending his time with wife and family on the South Coast of England. After forty years of marriage, my wife Margaret and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding anniversary in 2016.  We have two children and four grand-children.

You probably arrived at this page from clicking on a link in my Instagram or Facebook profile.  You therefore know already that painting is my biggest leisure activity. I specialise in "sketching" rather than producing finished paintings ready for framing. I am inspired by the urban sketching movement and have a large collection of books to help me develop in this area.

I display my paintings and drawings on Instagram for the following reasons:
  • I do nothing with my paintings other than keep them in my sketchbooks or in display folders. These are stored on a shelf or in a cupboard
  • Putting them on social media such as Instagram at least lets the world see them for a short time.
  • Its nice when someone says they like something.
  • Its a constant delight to see so many wonderful paintings and drawings every day on Instagram and the inspiration I get from them makes me want to do more myself.
  • I don't take much part in painting groups or clubs so at least I learn from other artists who I find on Instagram
  • I like the way my paintings build up into an online collection and I can easily see how many I have painted.
If you would like to read about my art materials and my palette of paints please have a look at the My Materials page.  You can read about the background to some of my paintings by going to the home page of this website.

I am a member of my local Baptist Church and before that was a member of the Society of Friends (Quakers) having been an active member of Guildford Quaker Meeting for several years.