Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Real life takes over . . .

I have had a long period of doing about 5-10 small paintings a month and have had one on the go most of the time.  However, following the illness and demise of my cousin I have had to take many visits to hospital about 40 miles away and then to arrange his funeral and begin dealing with his estate.  All this has made me realise that I can only paint when I have loads of "space" in my life.  If I am pressured in various ways, the painting seems to give way to less demanding things like reading or watching tv.  In some ways I'm quite ashamed of this because surely the painting should be exactly what you need to relax during tmies of pressure?

However, I was able to do a couple of sketches this weekend so perhaps my art-equilibrium is returning at last. I have missed it dreadfully and its been a nagging demand at the back of my mind all the time I've not been painting.

So here are a few works done over the last couple of months, rather more few and far between than before.  The first one is painted from Google StreetView.  I had intended to paint Cowes Baptist Tabernacle which is opposite Chip Ahoy, but when I "turned around" in StreetView I preferred this little scene.

Victoria Road, Cowes

The next one is from a photograph I took in Stavanger when we were on our Norwegian Cruise a few years ago.  Its just a quick sketch really  but shows something of the character of the town.


Finally a small steet scene fro a photo I found on Pixabay.  None of these painting took me very long and were more "fillers" than anything serious.

Italian street scene

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