Tuesday, 5 December 2017

More buildings!

There is no doubt that I get more pleasure from painting old buildings than anything else.  I've been busy in the last month and have managed to do a few more old buildings to add to my collection.  Firstly, I loved a photograph a friend sent me of this modern sculpture adorning an old hotel in Venice.  It is supposed to signify the effects of global warming - Venice is particularly affected by rising sea levels and the huge hands are shoring up the hotel to stop if falling into the water.

After that I reverted to home territory and did a couple of paintings from a small town called Rye which is near where I live.  The first one shows the old town wall with an arch leading into the town.

The next painting is of a cottage I walked past. Normally you avoid painting anything with a strong horizontal blocking the view of the subject, but I thought the tall fence was worth painting in anyway and to be honest, I rather like the effect. 

Finally I painted a couple of 1920s houses from nearby Brighton.  They're nothing exceptional but I pass them every time I pick up my grandchildren from school and have come to quite like the look of them.

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