Friday, 27 October 2017

Drawing again

We went away for a few days to the New Forest, staying in a mobile home on the same Forest Park on which our daughter and her three children were staying - in another mobile home.  We've not stayed in a mobile home since we were young and were suprised how comfortable and well-equipped it was.  The park had a really nice indoor swimming pool and there were also varous forest trails with "treasure hunts" for the children.  It was great to have the children round in the morning and to set them all to drawing with a brand new set of Sharpie pens which I'd bought for them, and a stack of printer paper.

As I'd just been working through Paul Heaston's Craftsy course myself I had a go at one of his panoramic drawings of a room interior.  Have to say I loved doing it.

As soon as I'd finished it I realised I'd got in too close to the subject and so had lost any context of the caravan itself.  So the next morning I turned round and drew facing the other direction towards the windows at the front of thy caravan.

This seems to work rather better so when I got home I did another one of our back room

Again a little too close-in, so this weekend I'm going to do one of our lounge and try to get all three walls in - ahead of me and the two sides.  I've loved doing these and highly recommend Paul's course, Sketch Your Point of View.  A tip - don't whatever you do pay the full price of it - register with the site and you'll get endless emails from Craftsy with special offers - eventually the course you want will come up at about half the original price.

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