Wednesday, 27 September 2017

21 Small Paintings completed

Well, I had it in mind to fill a sketchbook with finished small paintings - not sketches as such, but as finished drawings and paintings. It took me about two months to do all 21.  I then had to write in all the commentary on each one (some background to why I painted it and what it is) and then to do a title page and an index and also write title and author in white gel pen on the black cover.

I think it worked out quite well and while I still don't really know what the point is of it all, I like what I've produced and will see it as a marker of what I did at this stage of my life.

Here is a video of the finished book

All the paintings can be seen on my Instagram account @tom_cunliffe_art

When I had finished it I felt as though I never wanted to do it again - towards the end it felt a little fussy and laborious, but within four days of finishing it I had a great desire to start another one and have now done three paintings for it.  Here they are (click on any image to see it larger)

I've been painting for many years now and its hard to say how much happier I am with painting what are basically sketches.  I no longer have to worry about whether something will look good in a frame.  I don't worry about how the painting will turn out. Somehow, these little paintings always turn out good enough to make me feel happy with them.  

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