Thursday, 24 August 2017

Virtual Paintout - August 2017

This month the Virtual Paintout was set in Buenos Aires.  It is wonderful to have to explore these beautiful locations in Streetview month by month and by the end of it I feel that I have far better knowledge of the locations, particularly having painted two or three scenes in it.  I also take the opportunity to do a bit of research about the places too so all in all its a great exercise.

Here are my three paintings from Buenos Aires.  The first one comes from a rather run-down part of Buenos Aires and this block looked positively ramshackle.  But what a great structure.   I loved doing this one and introducing the lovely red for the ground floor.

Apartments, Villa Madero

The second one is set in La Boca - a touristy shopping area, part flea market and part gift and souvenir shops with everything painted in bright colours.

Caminito, La Boca
Lastly, I painted the lovely Basilica below.  The Streetview images show an elegant, shady area with the tall trees providing deep shadows around the glistening white building.

Basilica Nuestra Signora Del Pilar

So, all set for September. I wonder where we will be going next month?

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