Friday, 21 July 2017

Virtual Paintout in Malta- July 2017

I enjoy participating in the Virtual Paintout - every month, Bill Guffey selects a country and posts it on the Virtual Paintout website and we then use Google Streetview and choose up to three scenes to paint.  We then send them off to Bill and he publsihes them on the website.  The site has been going for a number of years now and the list of countries visited is huge.

This month we visited Malta and I have completed two paintings and sent them off.

The first the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu.  I was attracted by the lovely old steam engine that stands in front of the museum.  The Streetview image follows below my painting.

Malta Martime Museum

Malta Maritime Museum - Streetview image

The second painting is Fort St Angelo, again in Birgu. This is a 16/17th century castle which was the headquarter of the Order of St John and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Fort St Angelo, Birgu, Malta

Fort St Angelo - Streetview image


  1. HI Tom, I like the views you found in Malta, and your paintings are wonderful!