Saturday, 10 June 2017

Revisiting Brittany

Brittany in North-west France is a painter's paradise.  Beautiful little coves and sandy bays, with pretty villages, ancient churches and archaeological ruins aboud.  I have been there four times and each time I take hundreds of photographs to bring home for painting inspiration.

The lighthouse as Ploumanac'h (yes it really is spelt like that) has a very dramatic setting.  It lies on the "Pink Granite Coast" near the larger town of Perros Guirec and sits on a headland covered in huge boulders, moulded by countless centuries of erosion.

Lighthouse at Ploumanac'h

I managed to get the pinkish colour of the rocks using Daniel Smith paint "Terra Rosa" which is a lovely earth red which I've never found a use for before.

Last week I took on a challenge from Leisure Painter magazine to paint a Mediterranean courtyard for which a photograph was provided.  I liked the challenge of perspective which it provided.  Here is my attempt at it.

Leisure Painter challenge

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