Tuesday, 1 November 2016


I've decided to restart this blog by focusing on my painting and drawing.

Margaret and I recently had a week in the beautiful coastal town of Southwold, in the county of Suffolk on the east coast of England.  We had not been there for many years and it was interesting to see how little it had changed, despite the general upgrading of cafés, pubs and restaurants. Southwold has become a popular holiday destination for fairly well-off families from London and now all the pubs seemed to be "gastro-pubs" and all the cafés were full barrista-style places with the usual range of premium coffees.

Southwold is still very "quaint" with lots of lovely old shops and buildings. There is a brewery in the middle of the town (Adnams) and they still send out drey horses pulling wagons laden with barrels. There is a lighthouse in the town but unusually, this is not  located on the coast but is a couple of hundred yards inland where it makes a fascinating feature in the town.

As we visited out of season we were able to rent a lovely house near the pier for half what it would have and what a delight it was to step outside in the morning and go for a walk along the promenade and up the pier.  The town is awash with painting locations and I was able to sketch and take photographs so that when we got home I was able to recapture my memories in watercolour.

Here are the three paintings I have done so far, together with location photographs.  You can click on any of the images to view them larger

From Southwold Harbour

Where I was sketching from - I added the fence to create
some foreground interest!

Southwold lighthouse

From  the pier. The couple leaning on the railings
were a real gift to me

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