Wednesday, 2 November 2016

At the art club

I have recently returned to Seaford Art Club and went along last Friday to find that we were asked if we would like to all paint from the same photograph. These activities are all optional and I usually choose to do my own thing rather than taking on something I'm not really interested in. This week however, I thought it would be good practice to try and paint a picture in an hour or so, so I picked up the photograph and dug in.

As you see, I managed to produce something in my larger sketchbook and at the end of the class I went up and laid it along with others on the display table.

My painting

The good thing about being a member of an art club is that it keeps you painting even when you're not particularly in the mood for it. Its also good to see what other people are doing and you get ideas and advice for your own work too. This week its two life models. I've not done drawing from life for some time now and am not sure whether its something I want to go back to.

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