About me

About Me

I am Tom Cunliffe, retired I.T. specialist, spending his time with wife and family on the South Coast of England. After forty years of marriage, my wife Margaret and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding anniversary in 2016.  We have two children and four grand-children.

You probably arrived at this page from clicking on a link in my Instagram or Facebook profile.  You therefore know already that painting is my biggest leisure activity.  I am a member of Seaford Art Club and I specialise in "sketching" rather than producing finished paintings ready for framing (although I occasionally do this). I am inspired by the urban sketching movement and have a large collection of books to help me develop in this area.

My preferred mediums are watercolour, pencil and drawing pens. I prefer working small and most of my paintings are 10"x7" (26cm x 18cm) or less.

My Palette

I use a mixture of Winsor and Newton (W&N) and Daniel Smith (DS) watercolours and my current palette is as follows

Buff Titanium (DS)
Azo Yellow
New Gamboge
Alizarin Crimson
Winsor Red
Cerulean Blue
Cobalt Blue
French Ultramarin
Winsor Orange
Sap Green
Pyrlene Green
Light Red (W&N)
Raw Sienna (W&N)
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber (DS)
Neutral Tint
Lunar Black (DS)

The Winsor and Newton Light Red and Raw Sienna are irreplaceable colours to me.  I've tried other Raw Siennas but the W&N has a particular quality of light and luminance which think is unique.

Light Red is a basic colour for all brickwork and for mixing with French Ultramarine to make a vast range of greys.

Butt Titanium is so useful for buildings - particular the many buildings in the Loire Valley made of Loire Stone and also London buildings made of Portland stone.

Lunar Black is a really useful colour - so heavily granulating which I love, and also great for things like car tyres or other patches of deep, matt black.

Sap Green is very useful as a starting point for a whole range of greens. I know I could mix greens from blues and yellows but I like to start with Sap Green.  Perylene Green also is so useful for those patches of dark green shadows in summer trees, particularly when mixed with French Ultramarine for the very darks.